Red Rock Country Road Trip Part 1

After leaving the spectacular surroundings of Yellowstone National Park – deffo one of my favourite places on Earth and somewhere I hope to return – I hit the road again and it leads south, towards different stunning scenery, dominated by the sculpted sandstone of Red Rock Country.First stop is Provo, Super 8 ($100, 2nghts), for a haircut, a wander at Bridal Veil Falls and catch the start of the NFL season on TV!


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Get to Moab in the afternoon and check in to Super 8 ($359, 3nghts) excellent room and Dennys across the car park so dinner sorted. Now to Arches National Park! Wow! Even on a grey overcast day it’s wonderfully breathtaking to drive this park and wander some of the short trails. Water and ice, extreme temperatures, and underground salt movement are responsible for the sculptured rock scenery. The 100 million years of erosion that created this land boast one of the world’s greatest densities of natural arches.


IMG_5207 IMG_5214 IMG_5250


Over 2,000 catalogued arches range in size from a three-foot opening, the minimum considered an arch, to the longest, Landscape Arch, measuring 306 feet base to base. 43 arches are known to have collapsed since 1977. Despite dropping camera for 2nd time – those loops to put round your wrist are great until you let go of camera not realising on this occasion the loop is not on your wrist, doh! – it fortunately continues to take many stunning pics.


IMG_5251 IMG_5282 IMG_5300


In the morning I head off to Island In The Sky area of Canyonlands National Park. The immense area that this park covers (527 sq miles) is hard to comprehend even as you stand on the edge of a canyon cliff with nothing but canyon, river, spires and cliff faces visible to the horizon some 100 miles distant.


IMG_5312 IMG_5316 Hiking in Canyonlands NP Hiking in Canyonlands NP Hiking in Canyonlands NP


Lots of places to stop and take in the surroundings and plenty of little trails to follow with their cairns to keep you heading in the right direction.


Hiking in Canyonlands NP Hiking in Canyonlands NP Hiking in Canyonlands NP


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