USA West Coast Road Trip Part 7

Leaving Eureka I go for another drive along the Avenue of the Giants, breathtaking does not do justice to this place!


0271 Mendocino coast on drive from Eureka to Sacramento 0272 Seals lazing in the sun on the Mendocino coast 0273 Mendocino coast on drive from Eureka to Sacramento


Then it’s back onto the coast road towards Mendocino where I stop for a wander and watch the many seals lazing just off the coast. Back in the car and on to Sacramento, staying at¬†Larkspur Landing Hotel ($173, 2nghts).


Mel's Big Bopper Choc Brownie Sundae 0275 Old Sacramento


Across the parking lot is Mel’s Diner¬†where I scoff down an awesome burger with fries and top the meal off with a chocolate brownie sundae. I do some shopping at a local outlet mall, picking up a couple of pairs of Under Armour underwear, quality, quick-drying underwear, perfect for travelling, and take a wander round Old Sacramento town. From Sacramento it’d then down to San Francisco.


0276 San Francisco 0277 San Francisco 0278 San Francisco

Driving over the Oakland Bay Bridge into San Francisco, a view of the Golden Gate with whisps of mist around the top is a truly “wow” view, unfortunately it’s a Sunday afternoon, traffic’s pretty busy so I don’t trust myself to be able to snap some pics and avoid hitting someone in the next lane…


The Streets of San Francisco 0280 San Francisco 0283 San Francisco


Drive down to Half Moon Bay and watch the pelicans diving into the ocean for fish. Then up to SFO to drop the car off and jump on the metro into town where I stay at The Mosser Hotel ($584, 4nghts).


0284 San Francisco 0285 San Francisco 0286 San Francisco sweet maple


Whilst wandering the streets of San Francisco I stop at Sweet Maple for their Millionaire’s Bacon, extra thick cut and seasoned with chili flakes among other things – delish!

After seeing the Seattle Mariners lose in my first MLB game at the beginning of July I’m more of a good luck charm for the San Francisco Giants as they comfortably beat the NY Mets on their way to a World Series winning season. The seats were great, at pitch level, close to the action.


0292 San Francisco 0293 San Francisco 0294 San Francisco


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