How long does an AFL game go on for?

AFL game at Sydney Cricket Ground

In this article, we’ll help you understand the duration of an AFL match, including its quarters, breaks, and the factors that can influence the length of the game. How long does the AFL game go on for? Typically, an AFL game goes on for 80 minutes in total. This is split into 4 quarters, each … Read more

How big is Australia?

Globe of Australia

Australia is the six largest country in the world and the largest in the Southern Hemisphere. It is a total 7,682,300 km2 and only smaller than China, Russia, Canada, United States of America, and Brazil. Country Size (Km) How much bigger compared to Australia? Russia 16,376,870 Russia is 2.13 times bigger Canada 9,093,510 Canada is … Read more

Australia’s Top 10 Natural Wonders

Australia is known for its beautiful landscapes, oceans, animals, and some of the world’s most natural wonders. Whether planning a trip or curious to see what natural beauties Australia is home to, we’ve curated a list for you to uncover. Uluru (Ayers Rock) Uluru in our opinion is the most natural wonder in Australia. At … Read more

How Big is Australia Compared to Texas?

Map of Texas in the USA

It can sometimes be difficult to comprehend just how big Australia is, but how does it compare to Texas, USA’s 2nd biggest state behind Alaska. In true size, Texas is 268,596 square miles which equals 695,662 km and Australia is 2,941,300 square miles which equals 617,930 square kilometres. So purely in numbers and based on … Read more

Are Koala Bears Stoned/High?

Koala Bear Sleeping in a Gum Tree

With Koala bears sleeping for up to 20 hours a day there is a common myth that this is because they are stoned/high. However, this is not true and there are a few reasons Koala bears sleep for so long and appear to be lethargic. It’s also worth mentioning that Koalas are mostly active at … Read more

What is the closest country to Australia?

Map and Compass of Australia

Great question and one that is often misunderstood. Whilst most assume the closest country to Australia is New Zealand, this is actually incorrect. The closest country to Australia is actually Papua New Guinea which is only 4km away from Australia. The parts of Australia closest to Papua New Guinea are Boigu Island and Salibai Island … Read more

Australia’s Neighbouring Countries

Map of Australia

Who is Australia’s Nearest Neighbour? Papau New Guinea is Australia’s closest neighbour and less than 4km away with Indonesia and New Zealand also considered close neighbours. What are Australia’s Other Neighbouring Countries? There are a number of countries in close proximity to Australia and considered neighbours. They are: Country Distance from Australia (KM) (Approximate) Papau … Read more

Best Restaurants in Menai, Sydney

Despite only having a small population, Menai has a variety of popular restaurants that are a hit with the locals. From Indian restaurants to Thai, there are more than enough restaurants in Menai from you to choose from. Rocksalt A hit with the locals, Rocksalt is a popular modern Australian restaurant that has been around … Read more

A day at the Port Arthur Historic Site

Port Arthur Penitentiary

Whether you’re just visiting Tasmania or a local and looking to explore things to do, a day at the Port Arthur Historic Site should be at the top of your list. Port Arthur is one of Australia’s most important heritage sites offering history and insight into the settlement of convicts in the 1800’s. Located about … Read more