How big is Australia?

Australia is the six largest country in the world and the largest in the Southern Hemisphere.

It is a total 7,682,300 km2 and only smaller than China, Russia, Canada, United States of America, and Brazil.

CountrySize (Km)How much bigger compared to Australia?
Russia16,376,870Russia is 2.13 times bigger
Canada9,093,510Canada is 1.18 times bigger
China9,388,211China is 1.22 times bigger
United States9,147,420USA is 1.19 times bigger
Brazil8,358,140Brazil is 1.08 times bigger

Despite being the sixth largest country, is has 26 million people and is the 55th most populous country in the world.

How big is Australia compared to Europe?

Europe is a total of 10.18 million km2 and is 1.32 times bigger. Europe is also home to 700 million people more and has more than 40 countries compared to Australia.

The Size of Australia vs Europe
A map comparing the size of Australia vs. Europe

The above highlights how big Australia is versus Europe minus Russia which is the largest country in the world.

Australia is larger than all countries in Europe minus Russia yet has smaller populations than the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Ukraine, and Poland.

How big is Australia compared to the USA?

As seen above, the USA is 1.19 times bigger than Australia and home to 300 million more. In fact, California and Texas both have larger populations than Australia despite Australia being 11 times bigger than Texas and about 19 times bigger than California.

A map comparing the size of Australia vs. USA

Australia is a huge country with many natural wonders and whilst smaller than other countries has so much to see and a variety of different climates.