How Big is Australia Compared to Texas?

It can sometimes be difficult to comprehend just how big Australia is, but how does it compare to Texas, USA’s 2nd biggest state behind Alaska.

In true size, Texas is 268,596 square miles which equals 695,662 km and Australia is 2,941,300 square miles which equals 617,930 square kilometres.

So purely in numbers and based on square miles, you could technically fit the state of Texas about 11 times in Australia.

Which Australian States is Texas bigger than?

Whilst Texas is significantly smaller than Australia, it is bigger than Victoria and ACT (Australian Capital Territory) and if Texas was a state in Australia it would be the 6th biggest state behind New South Wales.

Australian StateSize of State (Square Miles)Texas Size (Square Miles)How much bigger or smaller?
Western Australia1,020,373268,596Western Australia is 3.7 times bigger
Queensland714,959268,596Queensland is 2.6 times bigger
Northern Territory548,120268,596Northern Territory is 2 times bigger
South Australia403,227268,596South Australia is 1.5 times bigger
New South Wales312,724268,596New South Wales is 1.16 times bigger
Victoria91,760268,596Texas is 2.9 times bigger
Tasmania35,042268,596Texas is 7.6 times bigger
ACT (Australian Capital Territory)910268,596Texas is 295 times bigger

To give you a visual idea of how Texas compares to Western Australia, see the image below:

Image of Texas inside Western Australia

Is the population of Texas bigger than Australia?

Despite Texas being 11 times smaller than Australia, it has more than 30 million people versus 26 million people in Australia.

Despite Western Australia being 1,020,373 square miles big, it only has a population of 2.6 million people which is only slightly more than Houston, Texas which as a population of 2.3 million people.

Victoria in Australia which is 91,760 square miles has a population of 6.6 million people with over 5 million living in Melbourne.

This gives you a really great idea of how Australia’s population is concentrated with over 50% of people living in New South Wales and Victoria and less than 10% living in Australias largest state Western Australia.